The Legacy Magazine

A magazine that purposes to inform, educate and empower people about African American history in the western region of Texas from long ago, and to create a space where the new history makers can rely on for creating their stories.

The Legacy Magazine highlights the African American people who have shown leadership during adversity, and who today, serve in positions that help to improve the lives of others. 

The Legacy Magazine will engage researchers, archivists, speakers and everyday people to bring historic stories to life in exhibits, symposiums and community presentations. 


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A Yellow Rose Event

We are a Human Capital Event Management and Business Process Service Consulting Group We take the collective skills, knowledge and intangible assets of our team of experienced professionals in a variety of industries and help you manage time, cost and quality of  important decision making  processes and deliverables.

Let us plan your next event!


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The Legacy Project

A community collaboration that focuses on recovery, restoration and re-purposing of historic homes and commercial properties that had relevance in predominantly African American communities.

The purpose of the Legacy Project is to identify relevant properties and work with developers and community to establish a plan of action which will result in the re-purposing of a property for historical purposes, and which lead to inclusion in local Travel and Tourism activities to expand the diversity aspects of the city.

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Service to the People

Sherley Spears is a business leader and community advocate who strives to make a difference in the lives of people who believe in providing service to their communities.  She positions people with strategies, policies and helps turn creative ideas into service products.

Ms. Spears has worked with various non-profit organizations for many years, and helps provide policy and board development programs and activities which lead to increasing membership, identifying strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for the future.

In her role as a Community Advocate, she works with various organizations to help identify deficiencies that are preventing growth and development to tackle critical problems.  She works with organizations and helps to establish others that can become Change Agents for problems in the community, and that can help engage the larger population for critical resources and financial support.


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