Welcome to Spears Legacy Real Estate Group

Welcome to Spears Legacy Real Estate Group

Welcome to Spears Legacy Real Estate GroupWelcome to Spears Legacy Real Estate GroupWelcome to Spears Legacy Real Estate Group

About The Company

Spears Legacy Real Estate Group is a small independent Real Estate Brokerage firm that focuses on guiding clients through every detail of purchasing and selling residential real estate properties.

Our primary location is in San Angelo, TX, a small west Texas community; and we offer referrals throughout the great state of Texas.

With more than 15 years in the industry, we have experienced opportunities to serve people from all walks of life.  Our personal one-on-one touch has satisfied many clients dreaming and realizing home ownership, and the opportunity sell properties and move to the next beautiful space.

Our philosophy

We believe in gaining knowledge not only about real estate, but about people.  Our focus is to serve you with your desires and help you realistically identify the best option for you and your family.  We treat every client with the highest regard and make sure we are clear on the dream to build wealth and security through real estate transactions now and for the future.

Our specialities

Through the years, we have consistently used training opportunities to be prepared to help clients.  Specifically, we expertly guide:

- First Time Home Buyers- through the often confusing and long process of buying their first home.  We start at Step 1- a consultation about what is the reality for each client

-Existing Property-We help individuals and family who are sitting on non performing inherited properties, to create a new plan of action  to turn that property into one that can produce income

-Traditional/Non traditional Sellers-We work with Sellers at every point of ownership.  Whether you simply want to sell and purchase something new; downsize to something more manageable, or, share with a relative to purchase something splendid together!  

Let's work on your ideas, and create your plan of action!


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Contact Us

We take appointments only, and will make time based on your schedule.

We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.

Spears Legacy Real Estate Group

P O Box 2286 San Angelo, TX 76902


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